All contributions to HyperNav, big or small, are greatly appreciated. This page lists examples of things that you could create or improve on. Changes should be submitted as pull requests on GitHub and so that the assets in the dist folder have been recompiled. All changes should be implemented and visually tested against the HyperNav Complete Demo. The changes should also work on IE11.

GitHub Issues

Document problems in the GitHub repository.

Test HyperNav on Various Browsers

HyperNav has been tested on a limited amount of browsers. Test the HyperNav Complete Demo on some browser and compare the behavior to that of Google Chrome. Report the findings as GitHub issues.

New Themes

Create new themes for HyperNav.

New Demos

Create new demos for HyperNav. The current demos are technical in nature and try to showcase as much as possible at once. This means that their user experience is not too good. The demos should be viewable as files in the browser, without spinning up a localhost server.

Improve the Build Process

Currently HyperNav is compiled and minified with the standard SASS tooling. This results in somewhat larger CSS files than needed, for example, the same media queries appear several times in the minified files. The tooling should still be kept at a minimum. The tooling should also be crossplatform without any hassle (not like Bootstrap Ruby dependencies, which are painful to install on Windows machines).

Create NPM (and Other) Packages

Currently HyperNav must be downloaded or cloned from GitHub. NPM and other packages could improve the ease of use.

Accessibility Guidelines

Accessibility guidelines could be written for various devices.

Improve the Documentation

The documentation of HyperNav could always be improved with more and better examples. The documentation is hosted in another GitHub repository.

Improve the Demos

Currently parts of the HTML of the demos is just copied from one file to another, which makes maintenance painful. Perhaps some iframe action could help here?

Create Enhancing JavaScript

HyperNav works without JavaScript, however, some enhancing JavaScript could be created as optional packages. See this demo, which contains JavaScript that is not bundled with HyperNav for better user experience. For example, the keyboard accessibility is currently basic and could be significantly improved by allowing labels to be focused and the checkboxes controlled via JavaScript.

Create new Animations

Some generic animations could be implemented for HyperNav. See the hover delay animation, which is implemented in scss/navigation-menus/top/animations/_expand-body-delay-animation.scss.

Implement Different Coloring for Hover and Focus States

Currently the colors for both the :hover and :focus states are the same. Some use cases may require different colors depending on state, which is why this could be implemented. Adding a bunch of variable declarations and implementing them in SCSS should be enough (the current SCSS should already be logically correct, but the :hover and :focus styles should be duplicated and separated). The state :focus:hover should be the most important state.

Implement New Navigation Menu Types

Some navigation menu types that could be implemented are:

Horizontally Expanding Side Navigation Menu

Horizontally Expanding Side Navigation Menu Visualization

The left image depicts the default state, while the right image depicts the state after expanding an item. Adding a class to .hn-side should be enough for this to work.

Hover Flyout Side Navigation Menu

Hover Flyout Side Navigation Menu Visualization

The left image depicts the default state, while in the right image the item "Top Navigation" has been expanded and the "General" item is currently hovered. The hover has triggered a flyout menu. Hovering an already expanded item will not create a flyout. Adding a class to .hn-side should be enough for this to work.

Simplify the SCSS

There might be some redundancies in the SCSS (for example, :focus selectors that can never be applied). These should be deleted.