The HyperNav side navigation menu supports a collapsed state on both mobile and desktop devices. The collapsed state is infinitely nestable and depends on icons for proper user experience. This kind of menu should only feature full expand items, because clicking the small plus sign in the collapsed state is quite difficult. Alternatively, one could implement some JS (or page generation code) that improves usability. See this demo for a way to improve the usability of split expand items with JavaScript.


In this example the state (whether the menu is collapsed or not) will carry over between device sizes, which will be relevant if you expect that your users resize the website.

Device Dependent State

Sometimes it might be preferrable to maintain a separate device dependent state. To achieve this we can leverage the classes .hn-hide-desktop and .hn-hide-mobile.

Initial State

The initial state can be manipulated by specifying the checked attribute for an input element.